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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

It's Halloween! I bought a pumpkin a few weekends ago and didn't get a chance to carve it. So on Monday I decided to do more with it than just have it carved for a few days for the holiday and then throw it out. Such a waste. So I decided to make pumpkin pie.

I cut out a big section of the pumpkin and boiled it. Yeah yeah, I know I should have roasted it to keep the flavor and nutrients. But boiling was faster. ;) After the meat was cooked, I cut it up and squished it in a colander to drain out excess liquid, and set it in the fridge. Last night, I pureed the pumpkin in my blender, added all the spices, milk and cream, bought pre-made crusts, and VOILA: my very first (two) pumpkin pie(s). :)

I brought one in to work today and it got pretty good reviews. And no one upchucked in the wastebasket or made a high-speed dash to the restroom, which makes me think the pie was palatable and safe. :)

This week: still workin' on my application, drafting my essay (500 words, but mine is about 1,000 words of irrelevent material), and planning on taking the stupid GRE. *whine*

Anyways, I'm kind of uninspired with posting right now so I better sign off.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Irritated Iguana

So I decided to continue these posts with the animal alliterations. I think they're fun. This time I'm irritated. And I'm an iguana because they're slow-moving reptiles, and no matter how hard I've tried to get my life back to normal, things keep coming up to slowwwww me down from accomplishing things. But Mercury's in retrograde, so what can I say.

Today is Wednesday. And it took me 1.5 hours to get to work because traffic was a nightmare. Again. Seems like what used to be a nightmare commute is turning out to be the norm. Which really beats on one's patience. Especially mine.

To add to my ongoing irritation as of late, I was cleaning the apartment last week and in the process of being irritated and lazy, decided to stuff a whole jar of pickled carrots (sliced) down the garbage disposal in the sink. Not a good idea. I clogged the thing, whined, cleared it via telephone advice from my mother, and left it alone. Only to discover the next day that yes, I cleared the disposal, but the drain was clogged. So after a few days I poured Liquid Plumber down there. And then a few days later tried baking soda and vinegar. And entertained the idea of buying a cheap plunger and having at it. But instead I wrote a note to the apartment manager asking for her to call a plumber with a snake. OH SIGH. So now we're waiting for the plumber. But the manager couldn't get a hold of him, and now the owner of the apartment complex is involved; and she's given out our number to her Roto Rooter man. Who hasn't called yet.

OH SIGHHHHHHHH. I'm mad at myself because I caused it. Stupid me. And Rick's stupid pickled carrots. That he didn't even eat more than two pieces of because he said they tasted funny. Like pickled carrots would. Sheesh! ;)

Went to the library yesterday after work because there was a book sale going on. Got lucky with parking but when I went into the library, I couldn't find where the sale was. I knew it was upstairs... but the stairs going up to the children's library was closed off. I wandered around, found some GRE books that I was going to check out, and tried to find any stairwells and elevators. Nope. I was close to asking someone for directions (gasp!). I went back out towards the staircase I'd first seen and saw someone come out of the doors, so I decidedly ignored the "DO NOT ENTER" and "PAINTING IN PROGRESS" signs and went in. Smelly, yes, but I was determined to get to the book sale. And no one ran me down to stop me. At the top of the stairs, and into the children's department was a backwards sign that said "CLOSED," taped across the door frame. Oops. So I definitely wasn't supposed to be in that stairwell. I waited a few moments for the librarian in there to turn away, and snuck underneath the sign. I felt like a rule breaker! God forbid. Walked down the hallway and the sale was there, being held in what they called the "auditorium." And I thought, How did people get up here?! And then I saw the stairwell across from the auditorium and thought... Hmmmm. I guess there's a stairwell on the opposite side of the building where I walked in. DUH. Irritation.

Anyways, I went in and pored through the aisles of paperbacks and hardcovers, fiction and nonfiction, children's books, CDs and cassettes, textbooks and reference volumes, and found... wait for it... MUSIC books. I was floored. Literally, since the boxes were on the ground. (HAHAHAHA... ahem) Four heaping boxes of classical piano music books, brand spankin new, stuff that I used to pay an arm and a leg for every year depending on what my piano teacher had planned for me that year according to my level's standards. There were no signs saying how much the books cost, but I didn't care. Couldn't have been that much anyways because "small books" were 25 cents, "medium books" were 50 cents, and "large books" were $1. How do you distinguish what's what by that description anyways???

I squatted there in my 4 inch espadrilles and dress (ARGHH) and picked out a few choice books before finally having to get up and stretch out my toes and calves. Sheesh. Of all days for me to have decided to dress up for work. I made my way to the cashier after maybe an hour and the music books cost... wait for it... wait for it.... TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Of course, while I was there, I overheard some awful 90 year old librarian who had her panties on too tight complaining about her student volunteers who weren't do anything. OH SIGHHHH. Why do some librarians give us a bad rep? Those kids were in there volunteering their weekday evening (albeit a requirement for graduation), staying out of trouble and off the streets, potentially missing dinner, and she didn't even give them specific instructions other than "clean up and make things look nice," so what else were they to do but mill about and chat? Can't expect everyone to be proactive, especially with a control-freak librarian in charge.

If she had said, "You - take charge of the nonfiction section by making sure that all the books are facing right side up and whenever there are gaps, fill them in with other nonfiction books that are on the floor underneath the tables. You - do the same with the reference books and children's books" the kids would have had something to do and been accountable for their areas. The librarian was being passive agressive towards the kids and I heard her complaining to the other librarians about two kids and said, "I don't want them here, they're not doing anything, they must be from the community service club, they're bad" and I wanted to protest. Or slap her. The other ladies, who were nicer and seemed to just tolerate this lady's rantings, told her to just send them home. Which she did by saying to them, "Just sign off and go home. There's not enough to do and there's too many people here." Not enough to do? Then why complain about them not doing anything??? Perhaps if she gave them something to do, they'd do it, and then there would be things do to. ARGHHHH. Obviously, this lady had issues.

I even heard one of them ask her what he could do to help and she replied, "you mean like clean up like I told you to do, which you didn't??" (I felt my eyes widen as I thought "Holy sh*t!") and there was a long pause from him before he replied, "...but you told me to go over there, so I couldn't finish here," and she bit back, "Yeah, okay, whatever."

Ten bucks this lady was the classic, stick-in-the-mud, old-maid librarian who never married or had kids. And obviously had a problem communicating with human beings. I was irritated.

Off my tirade.. anyways, I was irritated. Again. Because although I made out like a bandit with my $3.25 armful of books, I sat in the Del Taco drive-through for FORTY MINUTES. I could have driven to my sister's house 30 miles away and had dinner there in 40 minutes. By the time I made it up to the one and only window, I was soo peeved (but not enough to leave), but as I looked into the face of the nice lady who was running around inside with two other workers, I couldn't be mad. She was trying her best and moving as fast as she could (and she was a hefty lady). She got my order right, gave me the right change, gave me a zillion packets of mild hot sauce, and was still nice to me, so I couldn't yell at her for the line being slow even if I'd really wanted to. I wished her a nice evening and she smiled and said, "Thank you for waiting."

Who can be irritated when someone else who should be irritated smiles and says, "Thanks"?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pooped Pup

I am one pooped-out pup.

Thursday night I cleaned the house. I was so tired from running errands on Wednesday night and thinking about all the plans coming up ahead, so I decided to clean. I cleaned out the fridge, and in a lazy attempt to throw out pickled carrots from months ago, I stuffed it down the garbage disposal instead of throwing it in the trash and taking the trash out. So.. of course.. I clogged the drain and the disposal and the whole thing started backing up on me. I panicked and kept the disposal running but the water just kept coming up, burping up gross pickled smells and dirt from the inside of the drain. I totally bawled because I was so tired and look what I just did!!!! I called my mommy ;) and she walked me through the process of unclogging the disposal. :) Later that evening, I tried to run water again, and the disposal is clear, but there is definitely a clog in the drain. :(

On Friday I left work early to make it to a birthday dinner with friends. It took me over an hour to get there, but of course, I was one of the first people to arrive. ;) I got a glass of wine at the bar to start off the evening. The guest of honor showed up maybe just 10 minutes later and we moved into the banquet room. About 30 minutes later, the 8 sips of wine had totally relaxed me and I was ready to pass out in the dining hall, and I didn't care who saw me sleeping. I stayed awake and managed somehow to stumble to the restroom a little while later. And I was so tired that as I was washing my hands and staring at the dark circles under my eyes in the mirror, I didn't even notice that I was washing my hands in a sink filled with vomit!!!!! I think I even touched it before looking down and seeing the stuff in there. And I panicked and thought to myself, DID I DO THAT?!

So sad. I got home around 10pm and crashed. The next morning, I got up early, refreshed, to get my sister's SURPRISE birthday party going!! Rick and I drove to this 99cent store near my sister's house to get cheap helium balloons. $1.29 for mylar, 50cents for regular solid color ones. Did you know Party City's balloons cost about $6 each?! So I got a whole bouquet-ful of balloons for only $11. Cheapness!!!

There were a few setbacks and miscommunications throughout the morning, but when my sister finally showed up to the party, boy, was she surprised!!! She practically was going to cry and tried not to. :) So we had food and cake and presents and it was nice. :) Then her husband had to go to bed so Rick and I stayed with my sister and watched the NASCAR race and played Guitar Hero. :)

On Sunday, yesterday, I took my sister to Disneyland and we had breakfast at the Plaza Inn, where there was buffet and character greetings. :) So we got lots of pictures with all these different Disney characters, even Gepetto and Captain Hook!! :) I even got rough-housed by Brer Bear from Splash Mountain...!! Three times!!! I guess the guy in that costume really liked me...

We walked around a bit after breakfast, and when my sister said to go see the Aladdin show at CA, I thought it was such a perfect idea since her husband was going to SURPRISE her later that afternoon, and it would be perfect timing, rather than try to figure out where we'd be next and have him track us down. So with lots of secretive phone calls and text messages during the Aladdin show, her husband was waiting for us outside the theater, and while my sister and I were walking out (I saw him, she didn't), he snuck up along side us and surprised her!!!!! And this time, she cried!!! ;)

I had called too late on Friday to make reservations for dinner for Blue Bayou and their only opening was for 9pm. Now that my sister's husband was finally there, I could tell her that I wanted to take her to Blue Bayou for dinner - and so she called to see if there were any cancellations - and there were!! Talk about good karma! We got a reservation for 5:30! So after a while, we headed on over to the restaurant and checked to make sure our reservation got moved. Of course it didn't (computer system when you call vs. paper reservation slips when you walk up) and so we had to do some explaining. We actually got seated around 5:15 and we even got a table on the water!!!! So nice!! I stuffed my face with prime rib, creamed potatoes, and sauteed spinach. Soooo good. And our whole meal came out to be free too since my sister had a "rewards" card which is pretty much free money (cashback) from her using her Disney Visa. :)

We ended the evening walking out during the fireworks. Not my sister's idea of a good end to an evening, but it was still a really good day!! I even got to go on Big Thunder Mtn with my brother in law. :) I got home around 11pm and flipped through my Nightmare Before Christmas sheet music that I had bought at Dland before crashing, yet again.

Today is Monday and after lengthy research and emailing back and forth on Friday and this morning, I booked a room at the Hotel Menage for this weekend for the CHOC walk. And when I tried to cancel the other room I had booked at another hotel on Friday, they had no record of me. So I had to tell the reservation lady that I had gotten a confirmation email and yaddi yaddi yaddi. I still have to get a confirmation from this lady to make sure my reservation is cancelled!! So I've been dealing with all that today. Sheesh. Talk about being pooped.

I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard here. And I almost don't care if I make a giant KERPLUNKEDY THUD RATTLE if I can just get a few seconds of shuteye.

Tomorrow, the Transformers movie is coming out on DVD! Just another thing to remember that I HAVE to do...! :)

Saturday is the Animal Shelter orientation at 9am and then I'm heading back down to Dland for the weekend. :) I don't know when I'm going to have time to study for the GRE's and write my personal essay... *sigh*

Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Bee

I've been keeping busy these past couple of weeks. Not really on purpose... it just kind of happened. Here's what I've done, and what looms ahead:

October 1: I got bravedy brave and mentioned my interest in library school in the middle of a casual email to my boss, who in turn, told her boss, who in turn, pounced on me in the hallway and said, "I think it's a great idea that you go to Drexel, don't you? Don't you think it's a great idea?" :)

October 2: I met with two people who are in the Drexel program (Library and Information Science) who gushed about the online program and how much they've enjoyed it. Needless to say, it wasn't difficult for me to decide to do this program, especially since I was already leaning toward this school.

October 3: I started my online application. And thought about having to study for the GREs, write my personal statement, ask for recommendations...

October 4: Finally crafted another curious creature this evening after a weeklong hiatus of crafting. It actually wasn't THAT curious, it was fat little yellow chick that looked like a chick, but also resembled a pumpkin (in the lines and creases). I'll upload a picture of my creatures when I can. I've given them all to my mom to sell but I was sure to take a picture as proof that I made them!

October 5: Went to the doctor's with my sister and her husband and heard her baby's heartbeat on the monitor. THUMP THUMP THUMP WHAMMO THUMP THUMP and the nurse said, "We've got a kicker here!!!" Then my sister and I headed off to Disneyland and walked around. Nightmare Before Christmas is installed already at the Haunted Mansion. The park was packed!! Got home late, and went to bed late.

October 6: Got up at the buttcrack of dawn to go fishing with Rick's family. Caught a whole bunch of nothing, while this little 12 year old next to me caught this 14" trout. I also drove around the town with Rick's mom, visited the antique shops and stopped for some ice cream. Got home around 7pm and passed out. Our poor baby Sammie was totally confused since she'd been sleeping all day and wanted to come out to play!! But we covered her before 9pm and hit the hay.

October 7: Had to take my grandpa out to the flea market my 7am alarm was too much noise so Rick shut it off... only for me to jump out of bed at 7:45 and rush out the door. Got some more cute linens, vintage kiddie patches, and some antique sewing notions. All still usable!

October 8: Today is Monday. And I've done a lot of records today, but am feeling super tired. Like I've pulled all-nighters in college. ;) The employee appreciation sale at the bookstore started today so I spent $50 on few gifts for people for Christmas, and I got some museum wax for my stuff at home in case the big anticipated earthquake hits soon... And I'm going to visit my friend Austin at his new condo tonight after work.

Coming up this weekend: My sister's birthday.. I hope she's not reading this... so I can't say much more about the weekend... I think she knows she's getting a party, though.. She demanded that she get one!!

We should be having our annual fire drill here at work sometime this month, usually on a Monday, when the Center is closed to the public. On the 22nd there will be a Benefits fair and I think I'll get my cholesterol and blood glucose checked this time (which reminds me that I need to call my doctor for my annual checkup). And they'll be selling emergency kits. I have to replace the ones I got from 2003, so I'm excited. I hope they have new kits.

October 20: Burbank Animal Shelter orientation at 9am. I signed up a few weeks ago, thinking I kind of need pet therapy and I've always wanted to volunteer at the shelters to help out. Now that I'm going to be starting Library school in January (oh wait, that's right, I have to APPLY first and then get accepted...!), I was worried I wouldn't have time to volunteer. But I'm going to the orientation anyways; they only require 8 hours of volunteer time per month. So I hope I can do it.

October 21: CHOC walk at Disneyland, benefitting the Children's Hospital of Orange County. It's a 3 mile long walk around Dland, CA, and Downtown Disney. My sister wants to spend the night before the walk since the walk starts at 7am sharp and she doesn't want to get up at 5 to make it down there on time. But that's all dependant on if she's feeling well enough to walk THREE miles now that she's pregnant. :)

October 26: Scrapbook Expo in Ontario. I'm going to take the day off and my sister and I are going to spend all day elbowing ladies at the dollar bins. :)

October 27: Hopefully this day we'll be able to get out fishing again. Perhaps the same lake, Gregory, or one closer to us, Castaic.

It's been a busy, busy month! Or, it's GOING to be a busy, busy month!