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Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Angst

Ahhh, dear reader (myself),
It has been a super long time since my last post about Wall-E. And that wasn't even a real post with my own thoughts. Naughty me.

Speaking of naughty, it's almost Christmas and I've not yet begun shopping. Sure, I went out to the shops, but mainly bought things for myself. Naughty me. But I just couldn't pass up the $19 Brass Plum teal stilettos at Nordstrom Rack, now could I? And I couldn't buy those for anyone I know. Or shoes in general for that matter.

So. I've been busy in my head (as always) and haven't blogged a bit about anything of substance. On the wedding front, we ordered and received our invitations. I ordered and received my dress; and it's in the alterations shop as we speak. Our "no wedding planning" plan for November/December kind of went bust because of the invitations and dress thing. And then the thought of all of it starting back up full force in January scares me so much that I want to take on some tasks now to spread it all out.

Here goes my infamous listing of Things To Do in chronological order (infamous to my small pool of readers, ahem, I mean, myself):

Monday, Dec. 8 (oh right, that's today): Dr.'s appt in the AM, Holiday party at 6.

Thursday, Dec. 14: Staff potluck lunch. I don't know what I'm bringing yet. I volunteered a main dish because I was out sick last week when people were getting dibs on bringing the easy stuff. I just couldn't think about food then.

Friday, Dec. 15: Farewell party for the smartest man I ever met. Good luck, Mitchell! (and it's Jane's birthday)

Saturday, Dec. 16: Help mom move entertainment center to uncle's house. Dinner with grandparents probably.

Thursday, Dec. 18: Bring Sammie and Speedie to my sister's house for weekend playdate.

Friday, Dec. 19: Head down to northern SD with Mom for one night stay. Going to visit some antique shops and bead stores along the way, if we can.

Saturday, Dec. 20: Wedding. All day affair. (aren't they usually? ;) ) Head back up to LA, drop off Mom, head to sister's house for a few days of babysitting.

Sunday, Dec. 21: My cousin in Boston flies in for a week.

Monday, Dec. 22 - Jan. 4: NO WORK!! WOOOHOOOO! But that just means more work at home and running errands for others. *sigh*

Dec. 24: Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange with my family

Dec. 25: Christmas morning gift exchange with Ricklet's family (and our one year mark of being engaged!!!)

Dec. 30: New Year's Eve party. Assuming that we're invited somewhere. HA!

Coming up in January:
* My bday
* Ricklet's 30th bday (!!!!!)
* possible joint bday bash
* Engagement photo shoot
* Call Church wedding coordinator for all info we need
* Call Florist and choose flowers for Reception; ask about personal flowers
* Find Florist for personal flowers if Reception Florist doesn't work out
* Call Baker and set up appt for tasting, choose cake
* Call DJ (maybe) and fax him list of all songs, etc.
* 2nd deposit due to Reception site

Coming up in February:
* 2nd fitting
* Wedding shower
* Register for gifts
* Send out invitations

Things to do in general with no set due date except for "soon":
* Shop for and buy mulberry paper or other kind of paper to add layer to invitations
* Order bridesmaid dresses (REALLY SOON! EE!)
* Oh yeah, Christmas shopping
* Buy some tulle and make my own veil
* Squeeze in some time at Dland for mindless relief
* Moving ideas (that's a secret for the rest of the internet world until later)

My tummy hurts now.