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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Projects and Deadlines.. OH NOES!

It's the first rain of the fall season. So far the house is holding up alright, but the skylight drips water every once in a while.

So the place is still unpacked! How embarrassing. So Ricklet and I are shooting for a holiday party to get our act together. And so, a new project is born! :) And of course an accompanying checklist of things to do, in order of importance:

* Replace kitchen sink fixture (it's leaking)
* Organize clothes
* Buy patio furniture cover
* Measure living room, hypothesize largest sectional sofa
* LCD 40"+ and media stand
* Measure dining room; buy dining room set - 6 chairs
* Lights and fans in bathrooms on different switches (3 sets)
* Clean out garage, sweep and organize. Buy garage shelving units.
* Bathroom accessories for bathroom #2
* Bookshelves and carts for craft room

Special subproject, bathroom #1:
* Replace sink fixtures
* Sand and refinish cabinets
* Replace lighting fixture
* Sky blue paint
* Furniture

I'll add more to this list soon.... Time for Beanie's birthday phone call soon... and maybe Dland tomorrow!