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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ahhh... the weekend approaches...

Time for another post. This is the last week of work for 2007! The last DAY of work for 2007! WOOPEEE!!!!

Schedule so far:

Saturday, Dec. 22 - Last shopping trips in the AM, finish up sewing gifts, wrapping, sorting and getting ready to transfer gifts into car. Dinner and drinks with friends. Could potentially be a late night.

Sunday, Dec. 23 - SLEEP IN. And anticipating being pounded with last minute "do this for me, willya?" requests from mother. Including delivering her gifts to her neighbors for her and chatting with them for her. This day will be left open for exactly this reason because every year she manages to spring this one me and if I have things planned on this day, I will be forced (aka guilt-tripped) to drop them, and then be behind in my own chores. Although I should also make a note to go to the bakery on this day to get a platter of desserts for Tuesday's potluck.

Monday, Dec. 24 - SLEEP IN. Have breakfast with my loved one. Visit the paternal grandparents at 2pm. Dinner with the maternal grandparents and extended family at 5. Gift exchange with said family, possibly going until 8pm. Gift exchange with immediate family following at mother's house. Hopefully Rick can come this year.

Tuesday, Dec. 25 - Sleep in a little bit. Have coffee. Snorgle Sammie. Pat Speedie on the head. Gift exchange with Rick's family, 9am. Extended family get together potluck and gift exchange at 10am. Guitar Hero (I, II, and III) and karaoke will probably be extensively played. ;) Possible potluck dinner with my extended family back at the grandparents' house.

Wednesday, Dec. 26 - Nothing. Maybe after-Christmas shopping and returns.

Thursday, Dec. 27 - Nothing. Hopefully the tires that I have special ordered will be available for installation.

Friday, Dec. 28 - Nothing. Maybe take the maternal grandparents to the Huntington Library or museum.

Saturday, Dec. 29 - Possibly go see Wicked at 8pm. Not sure.

Sunday, Dec. 30 - More nothing.

Monday, Dec. 31 - Still more nothing.

Tuesday, Jan. 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lots of nothing.

Wednesday, Jan. 2 - Back to work I go.

** I do have to make a note that although I have nothing planned on some days, I have certain things to do that don't really have a date planned. Such as:

- Visit with my friend, Carli, who now lives in San Diego and comes up to LA only once a year or so.
- Replace my mother's computer with a new one that is just sitting there, waiting for me to transfer her files first.
- Install new digital camera software on new computer and teach my mother how to use her new camera (Canon Powershot A560 for eBay).
- Move old computer to somewhere else in the house for backup use.
- Figure out all the phone lines in the house (she has 3) and connect both computers with DSL on one line.

I suppose that's it. Have a great holiday!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Official...!

I got accepted to Drexel University and will start my first quarter as a graduate student in less than 4 weeks. The next (at least) two years of my life will be owned by the university. Oh, lamentations!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snaily McSnailersons

Meet Snaily McSnailersons. Camouflaged in leopard print, Snaily hopes to blend in with those fast cats and be able to run just as quickly.

Debating on whether or not to add a face... I tried some expressions, but they didn't look very good on this super busy print. Suggestions?? Send me your drawings of what Snaily's face should look like!