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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring cleaning

Why hello. Long time no see, my old friend.

So I just re-read my old Wall-e post because I got a new comment posted on it. It really does surprise me when people randomly find this blog. I hardly update it and never have anything substantial to write about. Except for that one Wall-e post. I also find that I can't write anymore. Halfway through reading my post, I thought, "wow this is good, that's exactly how I felt" before I realized I was reading my own post I had written two years ago. Isn't that sad?

My lack of proper use of grammar, vocabulary, and interesting sentence structure can be blamed on the quantity of writing and reading I've been doing lately. One would think that the stimulation would promote creative juices and an intellectual flow of ideas and thoughts. I think I hit that plateau and now I'm overstimulated and overwhelmed. So much so that all the writing and reading has backfired and now I'm one incoherent lump of a student/employee. That's bad!

Life has been interesting lately. I go through bouts of hope and excitement, then suddenly get hit by fatique, annoyance, and my own set of life rules. I hope I'm not bipolar!! ;) No, I'm not, just dealing with a lot lately and having to balance work, school, and life and its upsets wreaks havoc on my grounded nature. If I give a little, I sometimes end up feeling like I'm condoning bad behavior and setting precedences; if I don't give in and compromise my principles, I feel bad and unpopular and wonder if sticking to my guns really makes a difference. I wonder if my principles and life rules make me unapproachable in that others think they will be judged. What is it that they say? Those who critize others are often the most critical of themselves? Yeah, that's me.

I speak vaguely on purpose because I don't want to give any details or examples of what's been causing this undue stress. So let's just think about the positives:

1) Ricklet and I got our refund check from the IRS! YESS!! Time to put that away for Italy, baby! Although I let Ricklet have the state check and he went out and bought new golf irons today. ;) My mother-in-law is right; I do spoil my husband!

2) Fun trips coming up! Napa at the end of the month and Morro Bay in June.

3) I have only 3 more quarters left of school - that's 5 classes! Summer quarter is my last core course and Intro to Databases. Fall is one required course and one elective (I'll be taking Children's Literature - that should be so much fun!) and Winter is my last required course. I'm so stoked! I'll be "degreed" in March 2011 and probably walk in the June commencement ceremonies in Philly. :)

4) I think I have approval for a conference in October in Pittsburgh. Never been to PA before and I'm going to try to get Ricklet to come with me.

I'm also hoping to get some work done on the house. Like unpack. ;) Still have a lot of boxes left, stacked up in a nice little area of the office. Obviously I don't need anything in there, right? ;) I haven't done any crafts or sorted out the wedding leftovers. And the garage needs to be cleaned out. Still have the last few items down there from the old apartment. When I'm done with this quarter in early June, I want to paint or change out some fixtures in the house before summer quarter starts. Somehow the place still doesn't feel like ours even though we've been there for almost a year now. And I can't enjoy it until it feels like home.

Another thing that has been on my mind is babies. Babies! What?! Yes, you heard me right, BABIES! Well, maybe just one baby for now. ;) But Ricklet and I have plans... and babies aren't in the plans for another few years. How do you know when your clock has begun ticking? Because I didn't hear or feel mine start and suddenly it's not ticking anymore, but the bomb at the end of the timer has already exploded! How did that happen without my knowing? I usually listen carefully to my body...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy Busy

What have I gotten myself into lately?!

Well, first of all, I got bitten by the travel bug and have this urgent need to book hotel rooms in any location. Let's get a room in the next city! It's just too far to drive back home!

But I seriously need to get cracking on these final papers. I've got one due on Sunday and the other due on Tuesday. And I just started my first one yesterday. Don't even know what I'm going to write for the second one. YIKES! *sigh*

So here's my calendar. I'm such a social butterfly these days it seems.

Tomorrow, March 12: Lunch with Lizzy Lucus and Evie. I met Liz back in my piano-pounding days. We were duet partners. She grew up and got her education in piano performance. I grew up and forgot all about my key signatures and technique. Through the magical world of Facebook, I discovered that Liz was a mutual friend between me and Evie, a girl who works in my building. So that's what this lunch is all about. And baby Madeleine, Lizzy's 2nd child, is turning ONE! Lizzy managed to make it to our wedding and then gave birth to Madeleine two days after!

March 14: Paper due. Also going to California Adventure to redeem the free part of Ricklet's 2fer ticket. Not sure how that will work out....

March 20: Possibly lunch with Viv, who's getting married on the same day as Carli. :) All this Clairbourn activity.

March 27: Bella's 2nd birthday party!!! Gotta help out with the carnival set-up. I think I'm manning the tattoo booth.

March 29: Bella's REAL 2nd birthday! And Spring quarter starts. ;(

April 3: Paul and Sarah's baby shower. *sigh*

April 10: Joey's 1st birthday party, up in Santa Barbara.

April 16: Taylor Swift concert with Carina!

April 17: Victor and Wendy's wedding in Fullerton. Annettie pie's wedding is this day too :( so I can't make it to what I imagine will be the most unique wedding ever with some traditional Armenian flair.

April 24: Glen Ivy! This is our $ saving idea for our anniversary celebration.

April 25: Madeleine's 1st birthday party! Already RSVPed no since it's our anniversary weekend... but maybe I'll change my mind later since we're planning on Glen Ivy the day before.

May 28-30: Carli's bachelorette party in Napa!!

June 13-19: Our annual summer getaway trip. We just decided today to head up the California coast again and do a road trip during single week of my "summer break," up through Cambria and Big Sur to Monterey (just for the aquarium), stopping up and down the coastline for a week. :) At the end of which is the beginning of the Summer quarter. ;(

July 10: Carli and Don's wedding in Sorrento Valley! (and Viv's wedding in Fallbrook).

Gosh. That's a lot of parties and stuff. I don't know when I'm going to have time to concentrate on hardcore stuff like digital library technologies and competitive intelligence. Huh?


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

This post is not actually about Valentine's Day 2010. But I thought it would be better to have a neater title than OMG I HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING SINCE OCTOBER?!

But it's true. Egads. Holy what. No post of any substance since the wedding. Oh, the wedding. *tear* I miss wedding planning! Now my life is all about me-time in the car on my commute, and school. It's week 6 of Digital Libraries and Information Services in Organizations. Both have heavy workloads, but the DL class is probably by far the most interesting and challenging course I've taken. Too much to learn and coherently spit back out, and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for learning before the assignments are due.

Well anywho. There are lots of odds and ends that I could talk about. But then they'd be just that: odds and ends.

So I guess I'll just write down my schedule for the sake of additional content. ;)

Feb. 6: We went to a cute baby shower that had a Dodger theme. There was a cotton candy machine, a popcorn cart machine, hot dogs and nachos and all that. Fun!

Feb. 7: We had a Super Bowl party at our house. Carina and I finished off 2.5 bottles of wine by ourselves. I was feeling pretty awesome until they all left and I laid down. Then I morphed from Mrs. Happy Drunk to Mrs. Hold Your Hair Vomitus.

Feb. 13: Chinese New Year dinner at 4:30pm. You heard me. 4:30pm.

Feb. 14: The "real" Chinese New Year date, but it's Valentine's Day! Also known as VD Day. HAHAHAHA. ;) Not sure what we're doing yet... but probably just having people over to watch the NASCAR race.

Feb. 21: I just bought 6 tickets to the Auto Club 500 at the California Speedway. We're going to get there at the buttcrack of dawn to watch cars go around in a circle for 250 laps of 2 miles each. Awesome. What's really cute is that Ricklet told me he's excited that I'm coming! That really got me stoked! Whenever do husbands want their wives going with them to traditionally "just the boys" events? ;)

Feb. 26-28: Disneyland! This 3 day weekend trip includes two nights (at a hotel that I researched for days that included the creation of an awesome spreadsheet of hotel comparisons that boggled Ricklet's mind) with at 2-fer ticket! The trip itself is my Christmas gift from Ricklet, and Ricklet's Dland ticket is a Christmas gift from my sister! That's really a 2-fer! ;)

March 27: Bella turns TWO on the 29th and we're having a huge carnival themed birthday party!

April 16: TAYLOR SWIFT concert at Staples Center!

April 17: Cousin's wedding in Fullerton. Fullerton? I think so.. can't remember.

April 25: Our 1st year anniversary. I should start planning something now!

Okay, that's far enough ahead. Be back soon(er or later)....