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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally Complete! YAY!

Today, I delivered the final product to the ever-patient K. I'm so happy this chart is now with its forever home!

So. The numbers were done and it looked liked this!

After all the sewing was done, I pinned together the front, the batting, and the back. I first sewed the top, then the sides, being mindful of leaving space for the wooden dowels to be strung through the top and bottom.

I miraculously had no problems with the long sides, especially one part of the fabric having a straight edge guidelines for my quarter inch seam. The other side wasn't as even..

Unfortunately, having to adjust the pins as the linen shifted meant that I knew my stitching was getting crooked. After I did the three sides, I turned in right-side out and ironed the seams flat.

Then I put the top dowel in and put it up. Wow, it was huge. Don't look too closely, though.. there are some crooked parts..!

Then, to finish off the bottom, I had to make sure the fabric was tucked in. I did an inner fold, then straight stitched the bottom, making sure the bottom edge distance to the 1 foot mark was indeed 1 foot. This was a little difficult, as the back piece of linen had shifted and I was a bit short. I tugged at it a little and was able to tuck it in, and did a quarter inch seam from the edge. I forgot to take pcitures of this, woops. I used pins almost every other inch to hold it all together, then ironed it flat when I was finished. Then I inserted the bottom dowel, which serves as just a weight to keep the bottom hem flat. The last step was cleaning up the frazzled applique edges, lint-rolling the front and back, and then a final ironing.

It was finished!!! I found an old empty kraft roll and began rolling the chart around it.. it started to wrinkle and the layers started to separate and shift.. but what can you do?!!! so I rolled it rightside out so the back piece of linen would be the one to wrinkle. And topped it off with a half-assed, crappy wrapping job to protect it during the delivery transaction. *eye roll*

Well, turns out K likes it! Yes! Success! I'm so happy that she's happy with it. :D

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